If your are considering a major home renovation, make sure to choose a contractor who can efficiently coordinate the project. The correct time management is the essence of any multistage construction. Proper coordination of the construction stages and inspections will ensure a timely project completion. Keep in mind that major home renovation projects often require a simultaneous performance of different types of work. At the same time, some types of work may need to be completed in parts or in a peculiar order. Incorrect scheduling may result in failed inspections and delays. Below is a brief explanation of how the work must be managed.

7 Basic Factors of Any Renovation Project That Require Careful Scheduling


  1. Architects and Designers

Nearly all major home renovations require permits prior to starting construction process. In some instances, the permitting may start with existing and proposed floor plan and drawings. Designers help creating the interior of the home and advice on how best utilize the living space pursuant to your needs. Some even provide 3D rendering to help you envision the end result.

  1. Engineers

Engineering and calculations are a necessary safeguards for projects involving wall removals or adding a second or third story.

  1. Financing.

Many people choose to finance their renovation through a construction loan. In such cases, General Contractor has to comply with a strict construction phases and schedule and pass inspections of the site to ensure a timely disbursement of funds.

  1. Trade contractors

Electricians, roofers, HVAC technicians, and plumbers are just some of the trade professional that are involved in a renovation project. All of them have to show up at the precise time during the project to ensure the smooth process.

  1. General Contractors

These individuals can work on small and large projects both on the interior and on the exterior of a home. They coordinate and supervise various stages of the construction, home inspection, licenses, and sub-trades.

  1. Sub-Contractors

Bathroom tiles, windows, flooring, frames are also part of a major renovation project. They have to play in at specific times, and therefore, they also have to be coordinated.

  1. Finish Material Delivery

All materials have to be ordered in advance. Manufacturing and delivery have to properly scheduled to ensure safe storage and avoiding delays.

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