The Preliminary Design is Just as Important as the Remodeling

Three Reasons Why the Preliminary Design is just As Important as the Remodeling

Home remodeling is a multifaceted process involving a variety of stages with respective considerations, decision making, and deliberations. One of the most frequent questions arising at the outset of the remodeling, is “where do we start?” The answer usually depends on the size of the underlying project and its scope. Generally, any project involving adding or removing a wall, adding extra space, changing a floor plan, second story addition, etc., would

almost certainly require drafting a plan and working on an architectural design. Not only will it ensure safety
of a new structure, it will also help reconcile functionality with aesthetics. With this said, let’s look at what the design phase offers and why each of these steps is critical in creating a home you love.

      1.Design Phase allows to spot and solve potential problems

Once initially drafter, blueprints could be altered and changed to meet all of your preferences and needs. Naturally, any and all corrections are better be done prior to the commencement of the project. All of the major issues are easily discovered at the drafting stage. The advantages of being able to fix design imperfections, square footage mistakes, or miscalculations do not require further explanation.

      2.The Design Phase Helps Create Smooth Transitions

Even if you are choosing to remodel only one area of your home, understanding how the construction process will impact the adjoining rooms or the aesthetic of the home is critical for successful remodeling. You must look at how walls and flooring will transition from one room to the next and take it into consideration for you design plan.

     3. The Design Phase Allows you to Lock in Functionality & Final Look

Once your ideas take a tangible form of the plans, they will reflect all of the major components of your remodeling project. However, small details, like the door handles, cabinet hardware, and light fixtures significantly contribute to the overall functionality and final appearance. Being able to envision the aesthetics of the new remodel is a critical step before starting into the actual construction.

As a final point, the design phase helps to explore the character of the final look, its functionality through the utilization of the available space. A thorough design considerations will give the basic clues as to the cost of the entire project, including finish materials and, therefore, will minimize the incidental costs.
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