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What Our Clients Have To Say About Us ?


10 Clients testimonials in a short 3 minutes video:



Karl’s Testimonial: Precision Home Design & Remodeling
project managers treat their clients with care and pay undivided attention to their needs. Karl is happy to share his opinion.

Tom & Brenda’s Testimonial: Complete home remodeling, kitchen, bathroom, roof tear off, solar panels installation, exterior and interior paint, and more. They want to share their thoughts about this journey.

Julie’s Testimonial: Precision Home Design Remodeling work with amazing team and workers. They coordinated a complete home makeover, and Julie has great things to say about this team.

Vitor’s Testimonial: Room addition with a master bedroom & bathroom expansion can be an intrusive and difficult project for the clients, especially with a new born baby. Vitor wants to share his point of view about it.

Janet Testimonial: Janet is sharing her thought through-out the entire process, from picking up materials, through the construction.

Margie's Testimonial: Precision Home Design Remodeling team is dedicated to exceed your highest expectations, Margie is one of many happy clients of ours.

Bill & Monique's Testimonial: Bill & Monique had a different project that required a different approach with the permitting phase and the construction. That's what they had to say about Precision Home Design Remodeling.

Mr. Troung’s Testimonial: Mr. Troung signed a contract on his first meeting with Precision Home Design & Remodeling. That's what he has to say about his decision.

Marlee's Testimonial: Marlee is happy to share how the re-piping & re-roofing projects went with Precision Home Design Remodeling

Carol’s Testimonial: Precision Home Design & Remodeling team worked hard to finish this project in less than three weeks. Carol is thrilled to share her positive feedback

Ms. Harris's Testimonial:Ms. Harris didn't want a conventional Granite/ Quartz countertop, Precision Home Design Remodeling tile artists installed the white & yellow tiles she really wanted and of course updated the cabinets, electrical & plumbing.

Nina's Testimonial: Not a big project but Precision Home Design Remodeling crew helped Nina to get her kitchen back after water damage and insurance involvement. hear what she has to say.

Danny's Testimonial: Precision Home Design Remodeling crew of craftsmen helped Danny and his family get these extensive home renovation projects done in a timely manner: kitchen extension, roof tear off, solar system installation, 3.5 bathroom remodeling, flooring throughout, interior painting - a complete home makeover.

Sally & Dennis Testimonial: The coordination of complete home remodeling is not an easy task. Sally & Dennis appreciate the hard work Precision Home Design & Remodeling team have done for them.

Betsy’s Testimonial: Precision Home Design & Remodeling rescued Betsy after choosing a contractor that didn't have a clue of basic building codes. Choosing Precision was definitely the right decision for her.

Sandra's Testimonial: Two and a half bathroom remodeling, windows replacement, flooring through-out the entire first floor and interior painting, was done on a timely manner by Precision Home Design Remodeling dedicated team. She's glad to shares her experience.

Doris’s Testimonial: Precision Home Design & Remodeling crew worked hard to get these precise results. Doris is happy to share her thoughts about them and the company.

Anita's Testimonial: Anita always wanted a spa in a her bathroom. This is what she had to say about her experience.

Amanda’s Testimonial: Precision team helped Amanda with mold remediation, bathroom remodeling, replacing her roof and remove and reinstall existing solar panels. She could't be more happy with the results.

Sarah’s Testimonial: Sarah had a hard time with her old contractor leaving the project after demolition and running away with her money. Watch now and see how this story ends.

Home Owner's Testimonial: Room Addition Precision Home Design Remodeling Designed and built this 200 square feet dining room expansion. Home owner is really happy with the results.

Jennifer’s Testimonial: Precision Home Design & Remodeling experts worked on Jennifer's bathrooms and finished the project on a timely manner. Jennifer is pleased to share her experience.

Judy's Testimonial: Garage conversion and kitchen remodeling that was done by Precision Home Design Remodeling craftsmen. Judy shares her experience in this short video.

Betty's Testimonial: Betty shares her great experience, remodeling her kitchen with Precision Home Design & Remodeling. Watch the video here!

Steve’s Testimonial: Precision Home Design & Remodeling can help you with your exterior renovation as well! This is what Steve has to say.

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