Want a kitchen remodel on a tight budget? Must Read this!

Kitchen is a special place in every home. It is not merely a cooking area but the place where memories are created and shared: it’s the place where parents make food for their children that will forever remind them of home; it’s the late-night giggling on the phone; and it’s the weekend drinking with friends and neighbors. Now the question is, do you like your kitchen? What would you like to change to make it look right? Is it the old cabinets that need a fresh look? Or is it a chipped countertop that needs to be replaced? Maybe, it’s the kitchen island that you wish to relocate? Whatever it is, Precision Home Design & Remodeling is at your service.

All too often, kitchen remodeling requires a big investment; however, this is not always true.  In this blog post, we are going to share some insider tips that save thousands of dollars on your kitchen remodeling.


Small details matter.  This is why sometimes such basic things like door knobs may work wonders when chosen to match your existing kitchen design the right way.  Replacing your old or outdated kitchen cabinet doors, door knobs, drawer handles, and hinges gives an instant refreshed look without spending too much.


Trends might have changed since you have last considered the color of your kitchen walls.  This is why repainting your kitchen and ceiling may be just what your kitchen needs in order to look newer.  Another reason to consider this option is the healthy concerns linked to lead-based paint.  If your home was built prior to 1982, it is almost certain that it contains traces of lead.


Yet, another budget-friendly solution for your kitchen remodeling is refinishing your kitchen cabinets.  Your save thousands while getting the benefit of the renewed look.  During the process, cabinet doors are carefully removed, sanded down, repainted, and installed back on.  That way your kitchen cabinets look brand new while you are saving money and avoiding a messy demolition.


Precision Home Design & Remodeling team works with your budget to determine the best remodeling option for you.  We provide all the necessary information to our clients so that they make an informed decision they won’t regret.  We help you create a unique design that suits your needs and choose finish materials that are right for you and your pocket.  A complimentary 3D design will help you envision your dream kitchen and makes decision making process much easier.



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