Bathroom Remodeling – Should You Convert Your Bathroom from a Tub to a Shower?

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, one of the common questions is whether to convert a bathroom tub into a shower. There are a few considerations that will determine the answer to this question:

● Whether you are planning to sell your home in the near future; and
● Whether there are more than one bathtub in your home.

The first inquiry makes sense only when you are planning to sell your home in the next 5 years. Think about it in terms of the resale value and potential marketability. Of course, different consideration will play role in successful resale of your home, such as the real estate market conditions, the overall desirability of the area, and the general population (students, young professionals, families, etc.) For example, if your home is located in a quite family neighborhood, most likely you will be selling your home to a family with children. In such a case, having at least one bathtub would be an essential consideration for potential buyers with children or for senior citizens.

The Benefits of Converting Tub to Shower?

1. Walk-in Showers Save Water. Modern showerheads are designed to conserve maximum amount of water while providing a nice water flow rate. For you this means reduced water bill. It is a win-win for both you, your pocket, and the environment.

2. Walk-in Showers are Elderly Friendly. Tubs do not share the same accessibility as walk-in showers. This might become a problem if you have an older person living with you or visiting your home. Some of the showers could even accommodate walker and wheelchairs. Finally, walk-in showers are generally have anti-slip floor surface and, therefore, are overall safer than tubs.
3. Increase Accessibility & Maximize Space. If you choose to install a curbless walk-in shower, you will increase your accessibility without compromising on the style of the shower. For example, you can have the same tile throughout the entire bathroom floor with clean and simple lines to compliment your modern design. You can add a bench, grab bars, non-slip tiles, and floor grating to ensure that the bathroom is safe to use for all ages.

4. You Create More Space. A walk-in shower is ideal for a smaller space. You can add in extra storage cabinets for towels or other bathroom necessities, and keep your countertops completely clutter free. Additionally, a clear grass shower door will optically enlarge and maximize the space.

5. Renovated Bathroom Design. A walk-in shower has its own unique styling points that could be integrated and shared with the entire bathroom. Floor drains, shower heads, lighting, and massage jets give you a unique opportunity to create your very own design.


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