Why we are the best?

 Complementary 3D rendering:

Whether you are looking for a traditional family kitchen or modern designs, we cater you with the kitchen you have always desired. Precision pledges to deliver 100% customer satisfaction to all our clients: past, current, and prospective.

We understand that home remodelling is a big commitment.  How nice would it be to envision the end result even before the project begins and know exactly what you are in for?  Precision gives you exactly that—a one-on-one appointment with a 3D designer who helps you create and visualize your own and unique project prototype, choose and compare different configurations, colors, and finishes.  This service is our gift to you as a token of appreciation your considering Precision for your home remodelling projects.

Kitchen remodelling services:

Kitchen is the heart of any home.  From a morning coffee, to a late-night snack, we spend much of our time at home in the kitchen.  Therefore, it is important to recognize that kitchen remodelling involves multifaceted changes that may affect your daily routine.  From plumbing and electric, to countertop surface configuration, to choice of appliances, at Precision, we help you optimize your kitchen area according to your personal needs and habits.

One of the cornerstones of our impeccable reputation is creating the best suited design solutions and proper utilization of space for you and your family through a complimentary 3D design service.  However, a perfect design is but a part of success, the other part is our excellent craftsmen who execute the design and make your dream kitchen a reality.

Our services:

Recognize that any remodelling could be tailored to meet your specific needs.  We guide you through the process with your best interest in mind.  Thus, you save time and money on the unnecessary work.  The different scopes of renovation are briefly outlined below:

This is a full transformation of kitchen area which may require pulling permits, removing walls, and between 4-6 weeks to compete.

  • Re-facing:

This option gives you the benefit of a new look through replacement of kitchen cabinet doors, drawers, and hinges.  Additional services, such as countertop replacement, could be added as well.  This quick and easy makeover takes between 2-4 weeks.  Only with Precision you will have an exclusive access to discounts on various materials from venders throughout San Diego.

  • Re-finishing:

This tasteful solution is our budget-friendly option which allows you to take advantage of a fresh new look of your kitchen cabinets.  We take your existing cabinet doors and give them new life where you get to pick any color to match your preference.

Why we are the best?

  • We care –

During the initial consultation, we study clients’ needs and equip our clients with the necessary information and knowledge about a particular project.  Construction processes often involves unforeseeable contingencies; we educate our clients in a way that eliminates false expectations and large unaccounted expenditures.  We treat every client as a family and work hard to satisfy and exceed their highest expectations.   We believe in open communications and transparency in relationship with our clients.  We encourage each and every client to express every wish and concern so we could have a pleasure to address it and ensure nothing but confidence and piece of mind.

  • Hard working team –

Precision team is courteous, hardworking designers, architects, and artisans.  We respect our clients’ homes and privacy.  Our project managers make sure each project is carried out in the most efficient way.  We stick to the set timelines and never postpone work without good cause and proper recalculation of a new deadline.  After the project is complete, we leave you in a sparkling clean home to enjoy your newly renovated space.

Inquire Precision today for your need of Kitchen Remodelling Services.


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