renovation San Diego

Renovations can be a stressful time for anyone, but adding kids into the mix creates a whole new level of potential chaos. While it’s always important to focus on the end goal, a beautiful new home, you still have to…


Bathroom vanity San Diego

Ready to remodel your bathroom? You’ve picked out your colors, your tiles, and you know what style you want. Your lighting is set, and you even know what the best storage solutions are! But now you have to pick out…

Avoiding Backsplash Backlash in Your Kitchen, La Jolla

Backsplash La Jolla

You may believe that the focal point of your new kitchen will be those beautiful, custom-designed cabinets, and they might be. What many people don’t realize, though, is that the kitchen backsplash is also a central focus. Backsplashes provide the opportunity to highlight the…

Del Mar, What’s Your Vision of a Dream Kitchen or Bath?

Bath remodeling Del Mar

When you envision the perfect kitchen or bath remodel, do you see simple yet sophisticated, warm and welcoming, or maybe a combination? Let’s take a look at how Precision Home Design & Remodeling can help you achieve the kitchen and bath of your dreams with three…

San Diego, 3 Top-Rated Cabinetry Types for Your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinetry San diego

Kitchen cabinetry is undeniably the backbone of a contemporary kitchen. Also, the section requires lots of attention. The function of the cabinets is to keep your kitchen tidy. Avoid clutter from being noticeable. Thus, mounting them can be either costly or affordable. It…

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