Month July 2019

Invest in a Room Addition: Why Expanding Your Home is Better Than Buying New

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One of the more common questions that pops up for homeowners, is whether one should expand the current home with a room addition or to place the home up for sale and buy a larger, newer home. Generally, the reason for this question coming up is because your family is either growing in number, you have acquired too much stuff that takes up space, or you feel like you need more space to enjoy the home you have. While adding an extension onto your home may appear to be more expensive up front, moving to a new house can also…
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How a Kitchen Renovation Raises Your Property Value

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The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the entire home for many people, as it’s where families gather and bond, where events are hosted, and where the majority of people spend their time between that morning cup of coffee and those homecooked meals.  While most don’t realize it, the kitchen ends up being the focal point of the home, setting the tone and atmosphere for the rest of the house.  For homeowners who are looking to increase the value of their property in the San Diego area, a kitchen renovation is the right choice, as the majority…
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